Do you sell used batteries?

Yes! We sell new and reconditioned batteries for cars, trucks, RV’s, scooters, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc.

What if I don’t have an old battery “core” to turn in when I purchase a battery?

There is no problem. There is a core charge that starts at $15 (for regular car and truck batteries) that is refundable. Whenever you return your core, we will refund the core charge.

Is there a warranty for your batteries?

Of course, all of our batteries come with warranties. The warranties range from 3 months to 4 years. Although we advertise prices with certain warranties, you can always pay an additional price for a longer warranty.

Do I need to keep my receipt for my warranty?

Yes! Unfortunately, we do not have an electronic system yet so we rely on paper receipts, and it would be impossible to look through all of our receipts to verify your warranty. We do stamp our batteries which indicates a date code but DOES NOT indicate a warranty. We suggest that our customers leave their receipts in their glove compartment with their car registration, take a picture of the receipt and email it to yourself or make a copy and leave it somewhere safe! Believe it or not, majority of our customers keep their receipts for years and although they may fade, they are still legible. Sorry for this minor inconvenience but we should have an electronic system in place soon. 

Do you charge batteries?

Yes we do! If the battery is ours, it is free to charge. If the battery is not ours, there is a $10 fee per battery to be charged.

Do you install batteries and is there a fee for that?

On most cars we do! For simple under the hood installations, there typically isn’t a charge for labor. However, when we have to do more (remove brackets, attach a power/memory saver for newer cars, remove a tire, or go in the trunk, go under a seat) we do charge for the labor of the installation. We will always tell you the installation charge before installing your battery.

Do you all have roadside assistance or delivery services?

Due to our limited staff, we offer delivery services on occasion. There is an additional service call fee that starts at $50. You are free to call the office and see if we are available. However, WE DO NOT OFFER JUMP SERVICES IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE PRIMESIS. In other words, WE DO NOT TRAVEL TO GIVE YOUR CAR JUMPS.

Do you offer after hours assistance?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t offer after hours assistance.

Do you install car terminals?

Yes we do! Terminal installation STARTS AT $15 per terminal, depending on the difficulty of the job.

Do you carry inverter batteries?

Yes we do! We have a large selection of inverter batteries, new and reconditioned. It’s always best to come to our warehouse to see our selection.

Do you offer any discounts? What about for dealerships?

Yes! We offer a military discount all day every day, 10% off your purchase. We do offer a $10 discount on reconditioned batteries for dealerships. We must verify your business and if you are tax exempt, please provide us with a resale certificate so that we could waive the taxes for you.

Do you purchase scrap batteries?

Yes! All day, every day. We buy them by the piece or by the pound.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards: Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Visa. We also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. We DO NOT accept Zelle or Cash App, however we do accept Cash A pp cards!