The directors of Battery Express have the vision to build a company that serves the community. Central to our vision is the desire to create employment through expansion and our franchising program. In addition, a comprehensive training program for youths in the community will be designed so that they can be employed in Battery Express. Our training program will have a dual effect, where it will also be a crime deterrent by having the youths engaged in meaningful and productive endeavors.


In alignment with the theme and philosophy of the organization of altruism, franchising opportunities will be made available so that participants will become part of the Battery Express ecosystem sharing in the profits and contributing to the development of our community.

Franchising details are available and structured within a consultative and collaborating environment, designed with a supportive infrastructure to ensure the investor's success.

Investment opportunities are also available for those who might not be interested in the franchising model.


There are various pathways for our youths to have a meaningful and rewarding profession that has the potential for vertical growth in the company and for-profit sharing opportunities. A business model designed creatively to make available unlimited financial rewarding opportunities.

The curriculum is designed to equip the students to prepare them for the workplace and life. Interested parties can contact the company for further details.


The goals of Battery Express are defined and timeline specific. However, corporate expansion in constructing a state-of-the-art building is a vital component in paving the way in achieving the organization's objective of excellent customer service and an efficient and productive enterprise.

Our corporate expansion will be enhanced by ambitious employment objectives, educational scholarships, crime prevention training, and the strengthening of elderly programs.


Battery Express welcomes companies and individuals to participate in our partnership programs. Your donations to our non-profit arm will allow you to join us in the historical journey of transforming our communities. Partnership benefits are structured in our donation packages in alignment with our altruistic philosophy. So be part of making history by participating in the Battery Express transformation model.


Program and Investment specifics are available on request.